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For Investors

Dealflow as a Service (DAAS)

Infosite is a one stop shop for deal sourcing & initial due-diligence. Through our platform we present active deals to investors from our network of scouts & founders who are around exciting and disruptive start-ups.

For Scouts

Help Find the Next Tech Unicorns

Infosite not only helps you gain valuable deal sourcing & due-diligence experience but as part of our international network of scouts, you will receive finder fees and carry shares as rewards for your leads.

Find new investments from those in the know

  • The Community Power of Product Hunt

    Investors do not have the capacity & bandwidth to find every exciting start-up. On the other hand, community led platforms have shown the true ability of people to find and share information.

  • The Data & Insight of CrunchBase

    Platforms that employ web crawlers to source their data, often miss categorize components as well as being biased against startups with little to no media traction. Infosite promises all the insight of content aggregators but sourced organically.

  • Operated as a Data Union

    Community is at the heart of what we do & what we are building. No one piece of data provides enough value until it is pooled with the rest of the ecosystem, and it's because of this that the users should have a say on how Infosite is run.

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